Here are a few glowing reviews of Jill Daniels. Her clients are her passion and their success is her success. Scroll down to read more...

Not only is Jill a skilled and knowledgeable dietitian, but she is a kind and compassionate human being who really cares for her clients. She is a good listener and has given me the tools I need to heal my unhealthy relationship with food and change the way I think about my body and my overall health - physical, mental, and spiritual. She has helped me learn to rewire my brain by teaching me to listen to my body so I can fuel it the right way. I can’t say enough about the difference Jill has made in my life. No more dieting - working with Jill is about lifelong change!  

  • D.G.

One of the things I love most about her, that you don’t always find, is that she guides me on this journey rather than forcing ideas or the latest fads; she empowers me with knowledge and encouragement to create my own successes that are unique to me.
— L.H.

Working with Jill was an incredible introduction to the world of nutritional coaching. I've been an athlete for years, and it was only in working with her that I realized how little I truly knew about what my body needs to be at its best. She taught me so much about the nuts and bolts of nutrition, intuitively listening to my body and its needs, the role of feelings when it comes to cravings, and the benefits of proper nourishment physically, mentally, and emotionally. She played a major role in kick-starting me towards my health and performance goals, all in a very warm and professional environment. My only regret is not starting with her years ago, at the onset of my time as a competitive athlete!!

  • M.C.

Jill is definitely my go to professional when it comes to all things nutrition. Her no nonsense approach to healthy eating, coupled with her positivity and compassion, make talking with her a breeze. I always leave her office feeling encouraged to honor the nutritional needs of my body.
— J.B.

I initially visited Jill to get help in weight management and sorting through the voluminous nutritional information I was knee-deep in from years of dieting. Jill listened carefully and took the time to truly understand my questions and needs. What I gained through my follow-up appointments was more than I could have hoped for - individualized coaching and a tailor-made plan that guided me into a healthy relationship with food, a better understanding of underlying factors within myself that had been directly influencing my eating habits, nutritional support and guidance for my running and fitness goals, a new and wholesome body image, and an overall healthier lifestyle."

  • D.B.