Individual Nutrition Counseling

With nutrition counseling, you'll receive personalized advice, support and guidance to achieve and maintain healthy habits.  Jill will work with your goals, personal history, lifestyle and personality to design practical solutions for success.  Each appointment will focus on progression toward your specific health, wellness and performance goals. She will help you sort through all of the confusing, conflicting nutrition information out there, and tailor a plan for YOU, including:

  • increased energy levels

  • increased endurance and strength for exercise/activity/movement

  • healthier and more peaceful relationship with food

  • ways to deal with emotional eating

  • healthier cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar levels

  • body image counseling

  • decreased risk for diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc.

  • how to fit in your favorite "fun" foods

  • reaching and maintaining a healthy weight

  • freedom from dieting and weight obsession

  • and more!


Specialty Areas:

Weight Concerns

Sports Nutrition

Weight Gain/Muscle Gain

Emotional & Compulsive Eating

Other Areas of Expertise:

Maximizing Energy Levels

Family Nutrition

Disease Prevention

Individual & Family Meal Planning

Dining Out

High Blood Pressure

High Blood Cholesterol & Triglycerides

Nutrition during Pregnancy