Jill Daniels, MS, RD, CSSD

Workshops for Teams, Corporations, Groups

Whether you are an athletic team, corporation, small business or community organization, these workshops will address the nutritional needs of your group. Learning proper nutrition can help reduce stress, decrease risk factors for injury and disease, and increase performance, productivity and morale. 

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(925) 784-1538


$125   Initial Consultation
$90     Follow up Consultation
$425   5 session package of Follow up Consultations
$800   10 session package of Follow up Consultations

Nutrition Counselor & Coach


Nutrition Counseling gives you personalized advice, support and guidance to ‚Äčachieve and maintain healthy habits. Jill will work with your goals, personal history, lifestyle and personality to design practical solutions for success. Each appointment will focus on progression toward your specific health, wellness and performance goals.